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  • Shopping

  • Shopping in Charlottetown, especially during the holiday season, is a a pain to drive through -- but it's actually lot of fun when you travel in a limousine.

    Because downtown Charlottetown is always packed and congested during the holiday season, why bother with a taxi or drive yourself when you can let a limo shopping service take care of all the problems?

    With Twilite Limo Service, you will not have to worry about a meter running by the minute nor finding another cab when you are done.  All you have to do is get in one of our luxury limos and we will take care of the rest.

    Cheaper than a Taxi & More Convenient

    Hiring a limousine is a lot cheaper than a taxi and is also more convenient, fun and comfortable.  Limousines also have a lot more space and can carry more people. Twilite Limo Service offers competitive rates and we will match any offer that you have.  After a long day of shopping, we will even drop you to a restaurant or cafe, so that you can catch a break.  Twilite Limo Service offer a personal way to travel in comfort and style.  Unlike taxis, our drivers will not simply dump you at the mall and drive off.